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Proto Management can be used in schools and colleges for recording data regarding the students their fee management and also play important role in maintaining the various reports in schools and colleges.


Proto Management helps the institutions to track their upcoming and pending payments from their students. And also provide the detailed reports about the students, their courses, their fees status etc.


Proto Management provides a platform to the universities. Where they can record data in the huge volume. Proto Management helps you to maintain records in a professional manner.


Proto Management can be used in various academies like Sports academies, Educational academies etc for maintaining reports regarding their clients and students. Now follow up all your class students with detailed reports and insight into your student’s fees reports through Proto Management.


Proto Management is beneficial software for the gyms for recording the information and the various plans taken by their clients and their fees records.

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Pricing & Billing FAQs

Proto Management is the software which helps you to record the data, check the data and print the data regarding their students as well as clients.
Yes, you can get. Our team always will be there for your help.
No there is no free trial pack for Proto Management.
There is an option in Proto Management to add staff and add students. You just need to click on it then you need to fill the required information after then you need to click on add button.
Proto Management work through the internet. In which the admin of the software can get them each and every information relating to their clients and students. The Proto Management provide the various containers which are helpful for the institutions and colleges for recording and maintaining the data.
For subscription you just need to apply for admin in Proto Management, the Proto Management team will send your email id and password for the same.
At the time of your subscription, you will be charged for the Proto Management software.
The cost of the subscription starts with —-Rs per month. You can also subscribe for more than one year.
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